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Canadian Flaxseed Producer, Supplier and Exporter

Canada is the world's leading exporter of Flax, accounting for over half of all global exports. The flax plant is an annual plant that is a member of the genus Linum. Flax is also known as flaxseed and in addition to flax, Bennett's seed is a Canadian Flaxseed Producer, Supplier, and Exporter.

Canada is one of the world's leading producers and exporters of flaxseed and is known for producing high-quality flax with high oil content and low impurities.


Flax Seed Exporter

The company's expertise in bulk processing, production, and exports of Canadian flax has made Bennett's Seed a leader in the industry. With many years of experience in the field of flax, we are a well-known flax exporter in Canada. There are many success stories to tell about the exportation of Canada’s flax seeds to many different countries.


Flax Seed Whole Brown and Gold

Brown flaxseed is the most common variety and has a mild, nutty flavor. It is often used in baked goods, cereals, other food products, and dietary supplements.Golden flaxseed is a less common variety with a milder flavor than brown flaxseed. It is also known for its softer texture and lighter color, which some people find more visually appealing. Like brown flaxseed, golden flaxseed is used in various food products and dietary supplements.Both brown and golden flaxseed are highly nutritious and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, lignans, and fiber. They are also low in carbohydrates and high in protein, making them a popular choice for people following low-carb or high-protein diets.


We export Canadian flaxseed to a variety of countries around the world, including the United States, China, and the European Union.

Canada is a major exporter of flaxseed, and its flaxseed is shipped to many countries around the world. The top importers of Canadian flaxseed in 2020 were:

China: China is the largest importer of Canadian flaxseed, accounting for over half of Canada's total flaxseed exports. Canadian flaxseed is used in a variety of food products in China, including baked goods, snacks, and breakfast cereals.

The United States: The United States is the second-largest importer of Canadian flaxseed. Canadian flaxseed is used in a variety of food products in the US, including baked goods, bread, and tortillas.

The European Union: The European Union is a significant importer of Canadian flaxseed, primarily for use in animal feed.

India: India is a growing market for Canadian flaxseed, with demand driven by the growing popularity of flaxseed oil in the country.

Japan: Japan is also a significant importer of Canadian flaxseed, primarily for use in food products and dietary supplements.

In addition to these countries, Canadian flaxseed is also exported to many other countries around the world, including South Korea, Turkey, and several countries in the Middle East and North Africa.


Flax seed supplier in Canada

At Bennett's Seed, we are committed to Canadian excellence in flaxseed production, supply, and export. Canadian farmers have been cultivating flax for years. With the experience of generations behind us, we strive to bring the highest quality Canadian flaxseed to domestic and international markets. We work as suppliers and exporters to meet the escalating demand for Canadian flaxseed, taking pride in our commitment to providing flaxseed with superior freshness and purity from coast to coast in Canada. Whatever your need for Canadian flaxseed, our team at Bennett's Seed will strive tirelessly to ensure your complete satisfaction with our Canadian-grown products.

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