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Canadian Durum Wheat Producer, Supplier and Exporter

The world’s largest exporter of amber durum wheat is Canada. With a rich history in the production of this type of wheat, it is no wonder that Canadian farmers have been able to perfect the process and provide top-quality product time and time again. At Bennett's Seed, we are proud to be a part of this legacy.

Durum wheat supplier in Canada

According to the CGC, Amber durum wheat was initially imported into Western Canada in the late nineteenth century, but it was not until 1963 that there was a durum wheat supplier in Canada for the first Canadian variety that was released for commercial production.

Canada wheat
Canadian wheat

Durum wheat producer

Bennett's Seed is a supplier, wholesaler and producer of rich, nutritional Canadian amber durum wheat. Harvested and processed on some of the most fertile farms in Western Canada, we bulk export to suppliers and buyers all over the world.


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